EVE-NG Hosted

This is a Lab Rental page for EVE-NG Hosted Training of Orhan Ergun.
When you purchase this service, either 1, 2 or 3 months, you will have access to the Server with the Orhan Ergun’s EVE-NG Hosted Training Labs as well Workbook for reserved amount of time.
You will be able to access to join our Study Group to collaborate with all other course and lab rental students! Instructors and Orhan Ergun will be there as well!
Reserve it and you can start immediately doing labs!
Labs are done on EVE-NG simulator, when you need help with that, you can ask your questions in the study group as well.
If you want to reserve for longer period, please contact to sales@orhanergun.net

Choose your start date & duration

Please make sure all days after your selected days are free and green